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You've created your custom binder, and it looks great! Now you want them to read the contents cover to cover, or at the very least, be able to find what they need when they need it.
You've peaked their interest, they want to learn more; now how will you present your information in a way that's easy for them to sort and find?
We are experts at small product packaging. From the design phase to the final packaging, we can help make your product shine!
Specialty Products
Are you in a bind? Do you have a product, information, or material you need presented in an 'outside the box' solution? Document holders, calendars, sample packs, totes, etc. - we've made them all to great accolades.
In a time when digital marketing is taking the spotlight, it can be difficult to find effective ways to convey your business's message using traditional methods. However, regardless of the fact that digital is currently at the forefront of how we convey so many messages on a day-to-day basis, it is important that we do not neglect how we present ourselves and our businesses using traditional presentation and packaging styles.
For many businesses, it is still important to offer customers a customized information package that they can keep and physically use at their convenience. Yet, how do you determine which solution is the best for you and your business?
Why Presentation Portfolios?
By offering your clients a portfolio with all the necessary information they require, you are achieving the following:
  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors. Take a step above and beyond by giving them a take-home package that they can use to learn more about what your company does and the advantages of choosing your business over any other.
  • Enjoy the ability to customize a complete package that can be used again and again when offering it to your new clients. Consider your portfolio a package that will be an important tool for your customer. It is vital that they have all of the information that is required for them to be successful. Give them a portfolio that is complete with your messaging, so that they can get the most out of what you are offering.
  • A strong presentation binder can be the deciding factor in a client choosing your company over your competitors. Make sure to impress them with all the right tools.
What To Look For
How do you decide which is the best presentation binder company to work with? It can be difficult with so many options to choose from. Look for companies that can offer the following:
  • Find a company that provides an easy and friendly process. Make sure that you are kept in the loop at all times and that there are plenty of samples and proofs shown to you to be certain that you are getting the best design possible.
  • Decide on a company that has experience in helping your business stand out in a field of competitors. This is important, as an experienced company will know just how to place and create your customized portfolio to ensure it is as effective as possible.
  • Choose a company that takes time to listen to your goals. They should offer turnkey solutions that provide quality products and a quick turnaround.
  • Look for a company that will work within your budget and your timeline.
Whether you are looking for plastic binders, metal plaque binders, or complete customized portfolios, it is possible to work with an experienced team that takes pride in helping you effectively convey the message of your business to your clientele. Standout with stunning marketing materials and watch your business grow. You will be surprised at how many people appreciate the physical portfolio over digital alternatives and how many will choose to work with a company that goes beyond offering them the right tools and information.
Presentation binders are an effective way to increase your client’s interest and loyalty. Work with a company that can provide a quick turnaround time and will work within your budget.
Portfolio binders are just one way to present information. Find out how to customize your packaging to gain more business.
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